Are you a student in Chambery? Welcome to the FEU, a Christian association for students! 
Don’t hesitate to stop by and visit. We meet Wednesday evenings at 20:00 (8pm) for Bible studies, discussion groups, music, and food. Meetings take place at the FEU Student Center- 253 avenue de Lyon, by the montée St Sébastien and the round-about at the hospital.
Find us on Facebook to keep up with events. 
Questions about our meetings or how to find the FEU? Send us a message on facebook.
The FEU (Foyer Évangélique Universitaire) works with one or more leaders per city, and most often a location to welcome students. It pursues three objectives:
Share the gospel, as the Bible presents it, among students to enable them to accept it with full knowledge of the facts.
The FEU wishes to sow in different ways: at the FEU premises as well as on the campus, in targeting a large audience as well as accompanying those who are searching.
The FEU seeks to have their locations be accessible and welcoming gathering places where any student, Christian or not, may feel comfortable and accepted.
Participate in the edification of Christian students.
The FEU encourages reading the Bible and seeking to put its teachings into practice. This can be experienced in a group during regular Bible studies or a more personalized way. Christian students who wish can also invest in the life of the association. The FEU wants to serve as a springboard for the investment of students in the church.
To be of service to local churches.
FEU, with some exceptions, only exists in a city if one or more churches together initiate the project. Each local FEU is built and operates in collaboration with its church partners. The FEU encourages Christian students to join and invest in a church.
What about a church in Chambéry?
The FEU strongly encourages students to get involved in a local church. The Protestant Evangelical Church of Cognin partners with the FEU ministry and invites you to join them for services on Sunday mornings at 10:00.
The church is located at 7 rue Plaisance in Cognin, not far from Jacob-Bellcombette. For more info and/or directions, leave a comment, message us on FB, or visit the church website: